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Potash-based fertilizers: ideal for increasing the sugar content of grapes!

Potash-based fertilizers: ideal for increasing the sugar content of grapes!

It is known that the optimal ripening of the grapes is a symptom of the quality of the harvest. Most Italian winemakers have always aspired to improve the accumulation of sugar, color, flavor and aromas of their grapes. Often, however, we tend to intervene only in the last stages of the production cycle and with a series of natural practices that do not fully exploit the potential offered by the most efficient solutions present today.

For example, we intervene by delaying the harvest, letting the grapes wither, or exposing the bunches to the sun, thus accelerating the ripening of the grapes and increasing the sugar present in the same.

A much safer and more effective method to increase the sugar content of grapes is to use potash-based fertilizers, specially formulated to improve the quality level of production.

How potassium affects vines

The vine is one of the plants most vulnerable to potassium deficiency: potassium deficiency blocks plant growth and spots appear on the leaves.

At first the leaves become dull and dark, then turn yellow on the tips and edges. Finally the leaf plate curls and cracks, after which necrosis begins.

It is, therefore, an indispensable macroelement, also involved in the metabolic processes of the plant. For this reason, through potassium-based fertilization, the sugar content of the grapes can also be increased: in plants fed with potassium the fruits are sweeter, tastier, colorful and are better preserved.

What are the best fertilizers to increase the sugar content of grapes?

Di Pietro Srl recommends the use of Biolight and Bork 37: specific fertilizers indicated to give greater color and flavor to the grapes, while improving the formation of sugars. Let's see them well.

BORK 37 is a new concept fertilizer that combines boron and potassium, the indispensable elements for the plant in the final stages of the crop cycle. Potassium guarantees the formation of sugars while boron, acting in synergy, promotes the translocation of sugars towards the reserve organs of the vine. Nitrogen and manganese, on the other hand, complete its nutritional action.

Total Nitrogen (N) 3%, Urea Nitrogen (N) 3%, Water-soluble potassium oxide (K₂O) 15%, Water-soluble Boron (B) 16.5%, Water-soluble Manganese (Mn) 1%, EDTA-chelated manganese (Mn) 1% Chelating agent: EDTA

BIOLIGHT is a nutritional specialty indicated to improve the quality level of production and is particularly suitable for enhancing the organoleptic qualities of the final production (fruits, but also first processing products such as DOC wines).

Organic Nitrogen (N) 7%, Water-soluble Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 2%, Water-soluble Iron (Fe) 0.5%, Iron (Fe) chelated with DTPA 0.5%, Water-soluble Manganese (Mn) 0.2%, Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA 0.2%, Zinc (Zn) soluble in water 0.2%, Zinc (Zn) chelated with EDTA 0.2%. Chelating agent for iron: DTPA

The two formulations are extremely efficient and must be applied together from the beginning of veraison: a phase characterized by a change of color, which from the original green gradually goes towards the color of each fruit.

We hope this article was useful to you!