copy of Closer Dow insetticida sistemico ml. 10
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Gabbione zincato per bottiglie bordolesi G800Gabbione zincato per bottiglie bordolesi G800
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Bordoflow New poltiglia bordolese 1 lt
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Thiopron fungicida 10 lt UPL
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Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight, volume of the product. Rates vary from area to area, Italy (including Sicily excluding islands), Sardinia, Islands.

Di Pietro reserves the right to define agreements with all the main national and international couriers and able to guarantee the best deliveries, integrity and precision of the activities.

Di Pietro s.r.l. subject to availability at our warehouses, reserves 7 working days for the retrieval of goods, packaging, and the completion of the necessary administrative procedures, to these days must then be added the time taken by the courier for delivery, the times and ways vary depending on the courier that will be used.

Delivery is made in 48/72 hours (72 hours for Calabria and the Major Islands).

If at the time of delivery no one is present, the courier will leave a paper notice, the courier will make two delivery attempts the following days, in any case the customer can make contacts for delivery or collection at the reference branch.
La consegna viene effettuata al piano stradale, qualora la consegna non andasse a buon fine la merce verrà rispedita ad Di Pietro s.r.l. e il costo relativo al rientro dei prodotti non ritirati verrà trattenuto dal rimborso delle somme pagate.

How to behave when delivering the product:

When the courier makes the delivery, the customer and / or consumer must verify that the package is intact, not damaged or wet and in any case complies with the standard characteristics of a package.

Any disputes must be immediately raised to the carrier, in the absence of these, the product is considered delivered correctly.

The consumer and / or customer from the moment he receives the damaged goods or requests their return to the carrier has direct and exclusive action against the carrier itself.

The latter is also liable for the delay in delivering the goods to the recipient.

Di Pietro s.r.l. in such cases must be considered exempt from any liability for loss or damage to the goods from the moment in which they are delivered without reserve to the carrier for transport.

How to behave in case of damage due to Transport.

If the unloading of the goods results in obvious damage to the packaging it is necessary: express a reservation or the package is accepted but before signing the document you must write "I accept with right of reserve", it will be possible once the package has been opened and any damage is found, to be compensated for the damage suffered according to the compensation parameters of Legislative Decree No. 286 of 21/11/2005. Reject the goods if the package is damaged.